Senior Pet Care Athens, GA

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Our veterinarians at Gaines Shoal Animal Clinic are committed to assisting owners in keeping their elderly pets happy and healthy during their golden years.

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Senior Pet Care Athens, GA

Your dog is showing signs of aging if you notice that the fur around his snout has turned grey. Between the ages of seven and eight, dogs are regarded as seniors (mature adults), while cats are regarded as seniors at the age of ten. Your pet will start needing specialized care once they are regarded as mature adults.

Your pet’s health care requirements alter as they do as they age, much like our own. As your pet ages, their nutritional requirements, activity preferences, and many other parts of their daily routine can alter. But how can you distinguish between “natural” aging and a medical problem? Older pets may have very subtle changes that, like in humans, can go unnoticed until a significant health concern has developed.

Every stage of your pet’s life requires routine wellness exams, so be sure to maintain any scheduled appointments for your senior pet. Understanding the aging process in pets is the greatest approach to safeguard your pet as they age.

During the wellness checkup for your senior pet, you can ask us any questions or address any concerns you may have for your pet. We invite you to participate in discussions on the medical care of your pet and welcome any questions you may have.