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Pet Medical Services

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You can turn to us with confidence if your pet requires medical attention. Our well-trained staff and cutting-edge facilities can address a wide range of medical conditions, including emergencies.

Pet Preventive Services Section

Pet Medical Services

Our facilities and trained personnel enable us to treat a wide range of medical issues that your pet can encounter. We hope we never have an emergency when we need to visit you or your pet, but if we do, we are prepared to manage it. Your pet might need to be hospitalized in some circumstances, along with additional diagnostic exams.

Whether your pet has scratched at his ears, been stung by a bee, has eye discharge, is limping, has stomach distress, or is simply acting strangely, we are here to help you and your pet. The same devoted attention is given to sick pets as it does to pets who come to our clinic for preventive care. Our mission at Gaines Shoal Animal Clinic is to work alongside you to ensure that your pet has a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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